The Jowler is a mysterious beast. Tamed by only the most fearless, heavy-cheeked warriors. Direct your queries → Bros (at)

How to Jowl

breath shake flash
  1. Loosen all of the muscles in your face. Breath, stay calm.
  2. Shake your head from side to side as quickly as possible.
  3. Use a camera with a flash in order to capture the jowler in freeze frame.

*CAUTION* Jowling may cause headaches, dizziness, and possibly fainting if performed too many times in a row.

The Jowling Judges

Jowling Judges are those who have devoted their lives to the study of jowlers. They live and die for the perfect combination of shaking velocity and loose face skin. Because of their expertise, judges have the ability to bestow awards on jowlers that they deem worthy.

Jowling Judge

The Jowl Brothers

The keepers of the Jowl.